How do you prevent relapse in the development of your customer?

Get hands-on with your brain in case of loss and change

You know better than anyone that everyone has to deal with change. Willingly or unintentionally. Because they get stuck in old patterns that they want to break. Or because life brings something on your path that you weren’t waiting for, but that you have to deal with.

Everyone has to deal with loss. Whether it’s the loss of a job or a divorce. Loss of health, loss of money, loss of a loved one. We all get it our way.

As a professional, you continuously guide people who want or need to change. And especially when it comes to a change that is not their choice, that can be quite a struggle. With Sqribox you have a tool in your hands with which you can help people to take and get control again in a light-hearted way.

Time and again during the training or coaching session you see your client get moving. Thanks to your support, their confidence grows that they will maintain this new behavior. But the next session, the customer turns out to be in an old pattern again. The self-confidence has disappeared and the place has been taken by frustration and uncertainty. How do you ensure that the new behavior really sticks?

Are you done with constantly having to compete with other coaches?

Have you had enough of not being able to help your customers prevent them from falling back into old behavior?

Do you want to help your customers to take steps in personal development that really sticks?

Do you finally want to put your finger on how you can achieve a good anchoring with your customer?

How to distinguish yourself

  1. By applying a method that literally and figuratively sticks.
  2. Through an approach that fits both online and offline trajectories
  3. Because your working method produces a result that will be placed or hung at your customer’s home and thus permanently anchored in the brain
  4. Because of the lasting effect that deeply impresses the participants
  5. Because you deliver what you promise

What is Sqribox?

  • A scientific method in which you let the brain work for you,
  • A light-hearted and playful form of work that lends itself perfectly to anchoring desired behavior.
  • A practical writing assignment that results in a personal work of art that continuously helps your client at home
  • A working method in which writing, drawing, movement, repetition and association are combined very strongly
  • Easy to use online

With Sqribox, every change literally and figuratively sticks.

What does Sqribox bring you?

  • The effect of your work stays better
  • You stay on top of mind for your customer’s next challenges
  • Online guidance is anchored offline
  • You will learn exactly how the brain works and how to make change happen
  • Your approach is unique, so you stay ahead of the competition
  • You give quality, fun, self-esteem and connection
  • You get more (financial) freedom, expert status and self-confidence

You get people moving!

During your training, coaching or therapy sessions, people take on the challenge with themselves.

You flawlessly put your finger on taking people along in their personal development. And then comes the moment when they have to do it themselves.

You know better than anyone how persistent old patterns and beliefs are.
How do you prevent this from happening to your customer?

You can’t take them by the hand at home. But you can let them work at home with Sqribox on a good anchoring! One that really sticks.

With Sqribox you have a crystal clear solution.

What do you get?

A complete starter package with:

  • A practical toolbox
  • The Sqribox Practitioner training, a group training of 9 zoom lessons and 1 live part of the day
  • Extra in-depth information online
  • Personal guidance and support with the implementation (with the PRO and EXPERT package)
  • A certificate
  • The Sqribox quality mark
  • License for the first year (or 6 months in the BASIC package)
  • Access to the live Sqr-Inspiration meetings
  • Member discount on material (with the PRO and EXPERT package)
  • Delivery option to your customer
  • One-year access to the monthly Q&A sessions
  • Professional equipment

Reserve your spot in the next training and let customers easily anchor their deployed changes in their own home situation.

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  • - Sqribook A4
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  • Expert

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  • - Ledenkorting op producten
  • - Korting vervolgtrainingen
  • - LIVE inspiratiesessie jaarlijks
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  • Extra VIP Arrangement
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  • - 9 online sessies
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  • - Certificaat
  • - Persoonlijke begeleiding
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Make your choice now

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