The origins of Sqribox

Nov 2013

In November, Daniëlle accidentally came across the website of Byakko Shinko Kai where she was introduced to ‘mandala writing’

The technique turns out to be made for her and she starts working with it energetically

Dec 2013

The first personal step is taken: instead of writing general positive words, Daniëlle gets to work with words and sentences that match her person and development. She is going to use it more and more as a supplement to coaching sessions.

Her daughter Renske, who was still 6 years old at the time, also wants to try.

Jan 2014

Renske wants to work with it at her children’s party. With a group of children aged 6-7 years, they make their first sqribl with their own name.

The experimentation starts with large A3 sqribls, various fine writers, pencils, writing techniques, word clouds and images. All sqribls that are created are linked to personal themes.

During the year, Daniëlle encounters various challenges and gains more and more insight into what works and what doesn’t in making sqribls. More and more ‘teething problems’ are being ironed out.

The idea is growing to introduce more people to this technique

This month also sees the first contact with the Light Workshop


In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly noticeable that the technique helps with personal development amazingly well. This is where the fire starts that will only get bigger in the coming years: curiosity about what is actually happening.

Aug 2015

The experimentation continues: mandala drawing and writing are combined and meditation is increasingly used to effectively find the right images, texts and colors for the current themes

Oct 2015

The first template is developed, which will later become the basis of the Sqribooks. This puts an end to manual work with the compass and opens the way for other people to write along.

In preparation for the first workshop, a lot of production is being done. In less than 3 months, 7 sqribls are made to have sample material.

Dec 2015

A pilot workshop will be given around the theme of ‘winter’. For the first time in the Netherlands, other people are working with this technique.

Everyone will work on their own theme during the workshop. In half a day they write their first sqribl.

Early 2016

This year, the workshops will start around the themes of the seasons. These are also offered through the Light Workshop.

In the meantime, curiosity is growing about what exactly happens when you work with this technique and why it is so effective. Daniëlle goes in search of answers. From various angles and all separate aspects are examined and examined. Slowly, an archive of information is being created and pieces of how the technology works are becoming clearer and clearer.

More and more, the idea arises to share this technology with the world. The form of a book seems like a logical choice.

Mar 2016

A writing challenge is organized to introduce people to a totally different way of writing. This can still be followed via the free introduction.

May 2016

In collaboration with the Lichtwerkplaats, an article is written about ‘mandala writing’, as it was still called at that time.

This lays the foundation for the first article in the Lichtwerkplaats Magazine ‘Uitgelicht’ (see appendix page 16-17)

July 2016

The idea of a book takes a firmer shape and contact is made with Bullseye Publishers. By mutual agreement, it was decided to publish this in two books: a practical workbook for people who want to get started right away and a book in which the results of the research up to that point are described.

In addition, Daniëlle will have the opportunity to explain the technique in an interview, which you can download here .

This summer, we are working hard to realize both of these before the fall.

Oct 2016

The Basic Workbook is a fact! Before the official launch, we will wait until the other book is also ready. Meanwhile, a greeting card set and birthday calendar is also being made with small sqribls.

Nov 2016

On 12 November, the two books, the calendar and the cards will be festively launched and will be on sale through a number of channels. In the meantime, the workshops continue and shorter introductory workshops are regularly held

An article will also be published in ‘Featured‘ this winter

June 2017

In collaboration with a partner, Daniëlle is developing the training ‘Course from your Strength‘. A training for women who are considering becoming entrepreneurs. This is the first time that a symbiosis has arisen between her company Humance and the new technique, which is used as a working method in the last block of the training.

A few months after the training, it becomes clear during the return moment how effectively the technique has worked.

Autumn 2017

During the Brain-Based Leadership training, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and it becomes clear what the writing technique brings about neurologically.


The pieces fall into place and the added value of the technology for professionals who help people, groups or organizations with change becomes clear.

This year and the coming year will be all about finding the right formula so that a wide audience can use it effectively and removing the limitations that stand in the way of this.

End of 2019

The concept of the starter package for Professionals is ready. It’s time to materialize it and take it to market

Jan 2020

Humance is deliberately put on the back burner for this year. The current assignment is completed and 100% of the time and energy is put into the new company.

Feb 2020

With a marketing agency, we work a logo, name and corporate identity. In the meantime, the first people are signing up to participate in the pilot

Mar 2020

We’re going into lockdown! The basic training can no longer take place live and provides a new challenge. The target group has been hit hard by the crisis, which is noticeable in the registrations.

Apr 2020

New opportunities are opening up because working online and making contact is becoming the new norm. As a result, national contacts can be made immediately

In the meantime, we are working hard to convert the basic training so that it can be given online.

May 2020

The pilot group is almost complete and the start date of the first training is set.

In the meantime, the name, logo and corporate identity have been finalised and the Sqribox brand will be officially registered on 20 May.

At the same time, substantial investments are being made in printing and materials, so that the toolbox, which is part of the starter package, takes concrete shape.

Summer 2020

The first group will start basic training with the brand new material. The references are very positive and on the basis of the evaluations, new ideas emerge and the basic package is further developed and improved.

Sept 2020

The low-threshold Tasting takes shape to introduce people to the technique. Each month it is organized around a different theme

Autumn 2020

We are working the prototype of Sqribox 4 Teams, so that team coaches can also work with groups. It turns out to be a challenge to find the right material.

Nov 2020

As a precursor to Sqribox 4 Fun, workshops are organized in which the Christmas and New Year’s greetings are put in a sqribl, of which professional cards are printed.

Early 2021

Due to the lockdown, the planned return day of the first two training groups cannot take place. That’s why Sqribox is going ‘on tour’. The certificates will be handed over in person, together with the brand new A5 notepads.

Interviews will be conducted with the first clients about their practice and the integration of Sqribox into it. It will take some time before these can be worked out and published.

Mar 2021

The prototype for Sqribox 4Teams is finished! It is now also clear which material will be used for the final products. Time to start working on the training module.

May 2021

Sqribox officially celebrates its 1st anniversary! Time for a party.

Contact is also made with an international party. The first concrete ideas about cross-border cooperation emerge.

June 2021

To introduce more people to Sqribox in an accessible way, a free introductory package will be launched. Everyone can now get acquainted with Sqribox’s online material for a month and download their own sqribloon. You can also get started with the free worksheet.

Mar 2022

Sqribox is being used for the first time in the business world. An entire team gets to work with the method and creates a beautiful SqribArt that is in line with the corporate core values, their local identity and where everyone puts their own stamp on a beautiful end result.

May 2022

The collaboration with Colournostics is a fact! The special training Sqribox 4 Colournostics is launched. A perfect addition to the Colournostics Coaching tool. This also introduces the Flexbox.

Oct 2022

A brand new e-Workbook is launched to make getting to know Sqribox even easier. No less than 68 pages of knowledge, tips and of course a challenge to get started yourself.

Nov 2022

In collaboration with Ed van der Vight and Jeannette Hanenburg , the event ‘Give colour to loss‘ is organised for the first time. A successful meeting where grief and loss professionals gain inspiration and are introduced to additional tools in practical workshops. A success that is worth repeating.

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