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What does Sqribox do?

Sqribox is a creative writing tool that anchors change and processes loss in a healthy way. Do you want to make an end to that relapse in change processes once and for all or provide extra support for a grieving process?

Then you have finally found the solution with Sqribox.

• A practical tool for yourself
• A creative way of working for your coachees
• An effective addition to your toolbox in bereavement and your way of working with teams and organizations.

"I want everyone to get closer to their own core and get closer to that free and uninhibited 'child'."

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Why is the brain getting in the way of my client so much?

Together with your client or team you have worked hard to realise a change, but unwanted patterns come back in no time. The pain grows and the frustration increases. The confidence that it will ever succeed is falling. That does not do your self-confidence but also that of your clients no good.

Do you finally want to get started with an approach that really sticks?

Are you tired of constantly having to compete with other professionals?

Tired of discussing the price instead of the content?

Are you fed up with your sleepless nights?

Would you like to finally learn to switch off in the evening?

Are you looking for tools that make bereavement light(er)?

Do you want to put children to work creatively and at the same time activate their brains, without difficult models?

Do you regret that your team sessions in organizations only stay top of mind for so short a time?

There is a solution now.
Choose the toolbox that suits you!
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What is Sqribox?

  • A scientific method in which you let the brain work for you,
  • A light-hearted and playful working method that brings peace and confidence
  • A practical writing assignment that will be hung on the wall in the form of a work of art
  • A working method in which writing, drawing, movement, repetition and association are combined very strongly
  • Easy to use online

See below which target group clients you work with for more information if you work with:

  • Grief and loss
  • Social-emotional development of children
  • Team coaching within companies
  • 1-on-1 coaching of adults
But also if you want to work with Sqribox in your company or for yourself.

With Sqribox, change literally and figuratively sticks.

Do you help people with healthy grief processing?

With loss comes a sence of missing and with this missing the world seems to lose a lot of shine and colour. We like to hold on to what once was, but is no longer. It is often easier to look back over one’s shoulder at memories from that time than to be busy with the future again.

As a professional, you help the people who are struggling with this and who are looking for a way in their own landscape of grief. You know better than anyone how difficult it can be for people to get their eyes on the future again and to hold on to this. Not by letting go of what is no longer there, but by taking it with you in a constructive way.

But the brain wants to hold on to what’s no longer there. How do you ensure that your client is supported in this transition and can really go for a healthy grief processing? How do you bypass the sabotage mechanism of the brain so that your client can continue?

That is exactly what Sqribox helps you with.


Do you free children again?

The beauty of children is that they initially enter the world wonderfully uninhibited. But because of an unintended remark, an unexpected event, it may be that their brain stores this trauma, no matter how small. And you know exactly what consequences this can have for their further social-emotional development.

You grant children their freedom: to be free from blockages and traumas that can stand in the way of their full development. Everything you can tackle and solve with them, they will profit from for the rest of their lives.

But the protection mechanisms of our brain are strong. Sometimes so strong that it turns out to be difficult to really let the good work you do stick. Helpful thoughts don’t really stick and your work with children and young people is repeatedly undone (partly) by the brain.

Then Sqribox is the brain tool with which they get to work themselves in a creative and light-hearted way. It gives the young brain exactly what it needs to continue that transition.


Do you guide teams and organizations?

Your strength lies in working with teams. You see flawlessly through what is going on and you bring invisible dynamics to light. The insight and mutual understanding that you cultivate is invaluable for effective collaboration and communication.

Or you guide the management in the annual ‘deep dive’ and setting the course for the future. Your analysis is sharp and to the point and the plans clear and ready for the next step.

Either way, you’ve worked hard with the team and they’re making great progress. The customer, of course, wants this team to continue on the same footing. Even if your guidance stops. How do you ensure that this actually happens?

By using Sqribox to conclude your session or process, you can be sure that the brain of your customers will work at full speed and a tangible reminder will remain on the wall to subconsciously remind them. Effective and fun!

Do you want to work with your team within your company?

Do you and your management feel that something extra is needed to make your team or a department within your organization function even more effectively? Do you catch groups easily falling into old behaviour or showing patterns that you actually want to get rid of?

Do you guide clients in developing new propositions? How do you ensure that these really land within the company and that these new plans are successfully followed through? How do you change the thinking of people who are still stuck in the old proposition?

How are you going to manage this? How do you help your people to permanently break their obstructive patterns? How do you ensure that the message of the organization really sticks?

Sqribox offers various workshops and trajectories that use the knowledge of the brain to really support every transition. 


You’ll be amazed at how versatile
Sqribox can be used

What does Sqribox bring you?

  • The effect of your work stays better
  • You stay on top of mind for next assignments
  • Online guidance is anchored offline
  • You will learn exactly how the brain works and how to make change happen
  • Your approach is unique, so you stay ahead of the competition
  • You give quality, fun, self-confidence and connection
  • You get more (financial) freedom, expert status and self-confidence

What else can you use Sqribox for?

The working method lends itself to a multitude of applications:

  • Recreation
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal development
  • Grief and trauma processing
  • Working on your relationship
  • Original gifts
  • Creative learning
  • Lasting memory

Who knows what else you will discover!

Choose your Toolbox

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