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Sqribox: from frustration to super results

In the last 30+ years, I have gone through a development that I could never have foreseen beforehand. Both professionally and privately, I was incredibly challenged in my own beliefs. I regularly ran into myself, which asked me to develop myself further.

The more I worked on that, the higher the frustration mounted. I knew what I wanted to change. But how did I make that stick so that it became a new ‘second nature’? That turned out to be a difficult one.

With the writing drawing, it became a piece of cake and the seed was immediately planted for the research that eventually resulted in Sqribox.

The challenges I’ve encountered are relatable to many people: who doesn’t occasionally get stuck in old beliefs that don’t help you anymore! If you know how to bend it permanently, you get so much more out of yourself and with Sqribox this happens in a fun and light-hearted way.

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With Sqribox, every change
literally and figuratively hanging.

What do you get?

A practical toolbox for the professional with everything you need to optimally integrate Sqribox into your sessions
A combination of live classes, zoom sessions and online reference work in an e-learning environment. Both theoretical underpinnings and practical sessions with a lot of interaction and a certificate as a conclusion
Support in the form of: personal guidance on the implementation in your practice; access to the monthly online Q&A and theme sessions; and connection with other professionals in the Community
One Year License included with access to member products, meetings and many discounts and extensive earning opportunities through the affiliate program
Access to almost 100 FREE practical and inspiring templates in A4 and A5 format with easy search function
Availability of unique material with a discount to expand and supplement your troolbox that can only be ordered by professionals
Extra online visibility via the Sqribox Professional page
Free follow-up day with lunch, inspiring workshops, exchange of experiences and ideas

As a coach, I enjoyed the training. The lessons are interactive with a lot of clear substantiated (scientific) theory. And at the same time nice and practical to be able to try your coaching skills in combination with this new method and discover how you can use it with your clients.

I have experienced Sqribox as a very effective method in which the knife cuts on many sides: through writing, the power of repetition comes into play and because this then leads to a beautiful visual outcome, the conviction is also well and smoothly anchored. The high “fun and easy to do” content makes it a valuable addition to my toolbox!

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The next training starts on April 4, 2023


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Complete training worth €2,942

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With Sqribox you have a crystal clear solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all methods, techniques and working methods for coaches and therapists focus primarily on awareness, gaining insight and setting people in motion, or initiating a change in behavior. Making this change actually stick requires something completely different, which these tools do not provide. Sqribox fills that gap.

Sqribox is not a replacement for the tools you already work with. It was developed to complement this. With Sqribox, you ensure that the success you have achieved, including with the use of your tools, actually sticks and your customer does not fall back. It reinforces the use of the tools you already use.

Sqribox is a perfect addition to almost all common tools. Whether that is NLP, ACT, hypnotherapy or system coaching. Whether you work with cognitive behavioural therapy, work energetically or have a holistic approach.

In the Basic Training you will learn the basics of Sqribox. You know what theory lies underneath it and you know how to make a sqribl yourself. When you are able to come up with the right text (affirmation, conviction, intention), you can then get to work for yourself. However, as a professional, more is asked of you. The Practitioner training has much more depth and deals with issues that arise when you guide other people. In addition to receiving much more theoretical background information, you will be provided with a variety of tools and tools, some of which can be found online and some of which also consist of concrete tools that are included in the professional toolbox. This allows you to optimally tailor to your customer and use Sqribox in a very diverse way. Moreover, you will learn how and why people can get stuck in making a sqribl, what information is underneath it and how you can break patterns from there and follow through. In short, where the Basic Training is mainly made to get started with Sqribox yourself, the Practitioner focuses on the depth that is required of you as a professional.

In NLP, attention is indeed paid to anchoring. However, this is often quite limited. One of the things you learn in NLP is that people can have different preferred representation systems. The Sqribox Professional Toolbox contains tools that respond to this. So if you know which representation system works best for someone, you will find a seamless tool to translate it into a sqribl for embedding what has been learned. In the technique of written drawing, which lies under Sqribox, all representation systems are used. So whether someone is visual, auditory or kinesthetic (or a combination as is usually the case); you always connect to this when using Sqribox. This makes the anchoring a lot deeper than without the use of Sqribox.

The license for the first year is included in the Practitioner training. This includes free access to all templates in two different formats. Experience shows that they are used a lot. By the way, the annual license is only € 199,=. Do you want to know exactly what’s in it, besides the templates? You can download the

so you can see exactly what value you’re getting. After a year, you can always decide not to renew the license. You will continue to have access to your Practitioner training, but the free templates, access to additional materials, various meetings and discounts will be lost.

No, unfortunately. The Practitioner training builds on the Basic training and assumes that you have already followed it. Are you already sure that you want to do the Practitioner? Then sign up for the Sqribox 4 Professionals training. This is a total package that includes the Basic Training, the Practitioner Training, the Professional Toolbox and the license for the first year. And if you order this all at once, you will be a lot cheaper than if you order this separately.

No. If you work with teams, you need different material and the set-up and use of your sessions differs. In the additional Teams module, you will be introduced to the SqribArt and how to work with this material. You can order this module right away. Then you are cheaper. Have you not yet done the Basic Training and do you want to work with teams? Then sign up for the Sqribox 4 Teams training. Then you will immediately receive an affordable starter package that includes the Basic Training, Practitioner training and the Teams module.

Yes, you certainly can! After the Practitioner training it is possible to do the Master program of 1 year. In that year, you will dive even more in-depth and participate in training courses and workshops. After that, you will be able to give the Sqribox Basic Training and Practitioner training yourself. And you don’t have to create the training courses yourself, because through the affiliate system, every participant orders the training courses directly from Sqribox and gets access to the LMS system and templates. And you will receive 80% of every registration and of course all the training materials such as the slide decks and handouts. Contact us for more information.

The theory of the brain covers only a small part of the training. We only spend 2 lessons on this. In the other 8 lessons you will learn to work with the toolbox and to translate your way of coaching to Sqribox. There are also many practical assignments and we will discuss various situations that can arise when you use Sqribox for your customer. This is very specific to Sqribox and is not covered in other training courses. Do you want to know exactly what the training looks like? Download the leaflet with more information here.