About us

The story behind Sqribox

You might not think it, but Sqribox had already come a long way before it officially saw ‘the light’ in 2020.

Did you know that:

  • that the roots of the technique lie in Japan and that it was conceived in 1999?
  • It took six years for this idea of the current working method to ‘mature’?
  • I’ve already written more than 90 sqribls in the first three years of this?
  • My daughter started writing sqribls when she was not even 7 years old?
  • Sqribox was created to support change processes?

Sqribox: modern teaching methods with a rich history

The writing technique on which Sqribox is based originates from Japan. There it was introduced in 1999 by Masama Saionji in the Byakko Shinko Kai organization. Words of gratitude were written with groups of people to make the world a better place. In Sqribox, that starting point has remained intact and has been translated into a working method with which you can make your life a little better. It gives you relaxation, less stress, more self-confidence and success.   Read more about the origins of Sqribox >>   This development has come a long way. At the end of 1993, the technique of ‘mandala writing’, as it was called, came my way. The combination of creativity and writing immediately grabbed me and after a first ‘try’ I soon started experimenting. Read my personal story and the development from an apparent hobby to a rock-solid form of work here…

"Everything I've ever done and learned in my life comes together in Sqribox in a unique way that I could never have imagined before"

In the history of Sqribox you can read that it didn’t just come into being. It shows how I came up with the idea and what it meant to me. In my professional and personal path, I have undergone a development that I could never have foreseen beforehand. Especially the arrival of my children has made me look at things differently. I am very challenged in my own beliefs. In that wonderful, open and confrontational way that they have, they challenge me to this day to develop myself further. Want to know more about it? Read on for my personal story >>
The more I worked on that, the higher the frustration mounted. I really knew what I wanted to change. The first steps were taken enthusiastically. But then! Making it really stick so that it became a new ‘second nature’, that turned out to be a very difficult one. When I noticed what Sqribox did in this (which of course wasn’t called that at all at the time), I was sold. Especially when I noticed that it also helped my daughter! I wanted everyone to benefit from that and with that, the seed was planted for Sqribox. The challenges my daughter and I face are relatable to many people: who doesn’t occasionally get stuck in old beliefs that don’t help you anymore! And also in the workplace and in organizations you see problems in communication that are often motivated by these same limiting beliefs. If you know how to turn that around, you get so much more out of yourself and your team and with Sqribox you can do that in a fun and light-hearted way. My daughter allows me to share her personal story with you. Read more about it here >>

Sqribox: the tool that is internationally known to really make change stick

Sqribox is so powerful that it goes beyond borders. This method deserves international fame as the tool that helps you to really make change stick and thus make your life easier.

Sqribox’s mission is to help everyone become who they already are at their core. Which makes people happier and more successful and makes mutual cooperation easier with amazing results