How do you ensure that you really relax with your busy schedule?

You have a hectic schedule and are constantly keeping various balls in the air. Combining roles regularly creates challenges. You combine informal care with your busy work, or you take care of your family in addition to your business. In short, there is often no real switching off and unwinding. You desperately need your sleep to refuel, but notice that the quality of your night’s sleep is far from optimal. How do you take care of your shutdown moment, so that your brain and body can really recover?

With Sqribox 4Fun you have found the solution

With your subscription you get:

  1. Regular moments of relaxation with the help of a light-hearted and fun working method;
  2. Access to all materials so you can choose what suits you best;
  3. The ability to combine relaxation and personal development;
  4. Rhythm in switching off in the evening so that you sleep better;
  5. More resilience so that you can effortlessly combine all your roles.

Do you want to be able to combine all your roles more effectively and make better decisions?

Have you had enough of that feeling that you’re always chasing the facts?

Do you have tobacco from sleepless nights or difficulty falling asleep?

Do you crave a switch-off moment with which you can completely relax?

Are you looking for a way to give your experiences as a caregiver a place?

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