How can you help young people in an effective and super simple way that matches the development of their brain? 

As a professional in education, you regularly have to deal with children and adolescents who get stuck.

Practicing fine motor skills is difficult because the writing exercises are seen as boring and annoying.

Youth who get stuck socially-emotionally are difficult to help properly because there are no good tools available to make them work with helping thoughts.

How can you reach them with a light-hearted, playful working method that is fun for children to do and at the same time super effective?

With Sqribox 4Education you have found the solution

Sqribox has several products that help you further:

  1. The worktops help children practice their fine motor skills with which they immediately make a super cool piece of work;
  2. The Sqribox training helps you as a professional to get the youth started with helping thoughts in a different way;
  3. Depending on the educational institution, various licensing options are possible, so that several professionals can work with the working method at the same time.

Do you want to help the children with their fine motor skills in a way that is fun and effective for them?

Tired of not being able to permanently help children get started with helping thoughts?

Are you looking for a way that matches the brains of young people and helps them further in their social emotional development without them having to talk about it without any worries?

Do you want to help children in an accessible and light-hearted way if they get stuck in traumas or social-emotional challenges?

Contact me now for the possibilities