How do you ensure that your project really lands and starts working for your client?

You have been busy with your customer to create a new proposition. The entire program fits seamlessly with the wishes of your customer and the market.

But when your customer comes back to his company, it does not remain self-evident that the rest of the company follows the new path.

Communication turns out not to be enough and come back to you with the question whether they can successfully land this in with their colleagues.

You see the necessity and urgency of the question but are an expert in your field.

How can you help them to initiate behavioral change in the organization?

With Sqribox 4Business you have found the solution

What can you offer your customer?

  1. An interactive workshop on your customer’s location that ensures that change really sticks;
  2. Guidance from a Certified Professional who helps the customer on your behalf if they encounter obstacles;
  3. The certainty that your hard work does not stop at the customer’s front door, but is also continued on location;
  4. Not only your professional expertise, but also support for the next step;
  5. A beautiful physical product that will hang with the customer as a continuous reminder of your work and the agreed new way.

Do you want to unburden your customer during the implementation of their project, without having to bring in new expertise?

Are you tired of your brilliant work not landing well with your client?

Do you have tobacco from projects that are not well completed and die a silent death?

Do you crave an effective expansion of your service that ensures that your work lands optimally with your customer’s organization?

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