Sqribox Practitioner

The next training starts on April 4, 2023

How do you process a change you didn’t choose?

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Get hands-on with your brain in case of loss and change

You know better than anyone that everyone has to deal with change. Willingly or unintentionally. Because they get stuck in old patterns that they want to break. Or because life brings something on your path that you weren’t waiting for, but that you have to deal with.

Everyone has to deal with loss. Whether it’s the loss of a job or a divorce. Loss of health, loss of money, loss of a loved one. We all get it our way.

As a professional, you continuously guide people who want or need to change. And especially when it comes to a change that is not their choice, that can be quite a struggle. In the Sqribox Practioner training you will be given a tool with which you can help people to take and regain control in a light-hearted way.

Structure of training

In three blocks of three lessons each, you will not only learn the theory behind Sqribox, but also how to get started effectively with it and which pitfalls you can best avoid.

The Sqribox Practitioner training consists of 9 online zoom sessions, supported by online material and 1 live practical session. During the practical session, you will also get to hold the Sqribox Toolbox. A practical toolbox in which you will find all the materials you need to optimally use Sqribox for your purpose.

During the training and also afterwards, you will probably run into questions. During the monthly Q&A sessions, even if your training has already been completed, you can ask all your questions or delve deeper into themes that are at play.

As a Sqribox Practitioner you give people back control over their lives

The Theory: Scientifically Substantiated

During the first part of the training, we will mainly focus on the underlying theory.

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction, introduction and the Sqribox ACORN model are central
  2. Lesson 2: How does our brain work? A Deep Dive into Neuroscience
  3. Lesson 3: Neurology and change. What happens in your brain during change and processing and how does Sqribox connect to that?

In practice

We will get to work with the materials in the toolbox ourselves.

  1. Lesson 4: Live Practical Session. You’re going to make your first sqribl yourself.
  2. Lesson 5: Auditory input. The psychology of colour will pass by and you will learn to work with the word and colour cards from the toolbox.
  3. Lesson 6: Visual input: through the image cards you learn to translate into concrete Sqribox anchors such as the image you are going to work with and the words, sentence or affirmation

The Floor

A number of theories will be explored in more depth. In addition, we look at what can pass by during the sessions, what you can get out of it and what you can do with it.

  1. Lesson 7: Gurdjieff’s systems, various concepts behind Sqribox
  2. Lesson 8: Change of mindset in addition to change of behavior
  3. Lesson 9: What if you get stuck? And other applications of Sqribox®.

What else can you find in the starter pack?

The Sqribox Practitioner training is part of the Sqribox starter package. This includes much more than just the training, toolbox and Q&A sessions. How about your license that gives you access to a wealth of online material, for example. Access to the annual live event: the Sqr-Inspiration day. Or personal coaching in integrating Sqribox into your daily practice, program or offer?

You can find more information about this on the following pages:

  • Do you mainly work with groups of people and teams? Then take a look at Sqribox 4 Teams.
  • Do you work 1-on-1 with people or do you mainly want to use it for yourself? Then
    Sqribox 4 Professionals
    is the perfect fit for you.

Your investment


  • 9 zoom lessons of 1.5 hours each
  • 1 live practical session of 4 hours (including lunch)
  • 30 min to 2 hours of homework (depending on how far you get with the sqribl during the practical session)


  • The costs depend on the starter package you purchase. You can start from € 1.997,= excluding VAT
  • Other than that, there are no additional costs. Lunch during the practical session and the toolbox are already included in the price.

What’s in it for you?

  • The effect of your work stays better
  • You learn exactly how the brain works
  • You know how to make change happen and how the brain deals with loss
  • You can make dealing with loss light, airy, and practical
  • You give quality, fun, self-esteem and connection
  • You have a unique tool in your hands that contributes to a healthy grieving process
  • You give people control over their own lives
  • People can get started with change and loss in a practical way, by DOING.
  • You know how to make an online process practical, yet
  • You can exchange ideas and experiences and ask questions in the online Community