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In the last 30+ years, I have gone through a development that I could never have foreseen beforehand. Both professionally and privately, I was incredibly challenged in my own beliefs. I regularly ran into myself, which asked me to develop myself further.

The more I worked on that, the higher the frustration mounted. I knew what I wanted to change. But how did I make that stick so that it became a new ‘second nature’? That turned out to be a difficult one.

With the writing drawing, it became a piece of cake and the seed was immediately planted for the research that eventually resulted in Sqribox.

The challenges I’ve encountered are relatable to many people: who doesn’t occasionally get stuck in old beliefs that don’t help you anymore! If you know how to bend it permanently, you get so much more out of yourself and with Sqribox this happens in a fun and light-hearted way.

With Sqribox, every change
literally and figuratively hanging.

What do you get?

A practical toolbox of unique drawing and writing materials and A4 Sqribook in a handy take-away box
A complete E-learning program containing the lessons you need to get started with Sqribox at your own pace
One year access to the 2-monthly online Q&A sessions via zoom. Ask all your questions directly to a professional trainer and get in touch with other users
Access to dozens of practical and inspiring templates with easy search function
You will be helped on your way with dozens of power words and inspiring affirmations
Sign up as an affiliate and earn 10% cashback for anyone who signs up for a tasting or basic training through you

It’s right down to the last detail. Everything has been well thought out and we work from a clear vision. A nice instrument to work with and it works!! Experience it for yourself by participating in a course and you will know what it can do for you.

Marleen Claassen


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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all self-help methods, techniques and working methods focus primarily on awareness, gaining insight and setting you in motion, or initiating a change in behaviour. Making this change actually stick requires something completely different, which these tools do not provide. Sqribox fills that gap.

Sqribox is not a replacement for the tools you already work with. It was developed to complement this. With Sqribox you ensure that the success you have achieved and the change you have initiated, actually sticks and you do not fall back into old patterns. It reinforces the use of the tools you already use.

Sqribox is a perfect addition to almost all common tools. Whether that’s NLP, breathing, meditation or EFT. Whether you work with bodywork, energetically or have a holistic approach.

In the Tasting you were introduced to Sqribox. Under supervision, you have created a sqribl, but you have not yet learned how to come up with the right image and text. We also didn’t talk about the do’s and don’ts that you need to take into account to prevent it from working against you. In short, in the Basic Training you will learn what your brain needs, how it is interwoven in Sqribox and how you can prevent yourself from using it incorrectly. In addition, you will be given tools to effortlessly uncover all the elements associated with your specific process so that you can work with them in a practical way.

In NLP, attention is indeed paid to anchoring. However, this is often quite limited. One of the things you learn in NLP is that people can have different preferred representation systems. The Sqribox Professional Toolbox contains tools that respond to this. So if you know which representation system works best for you, you will find a seamless tool to translate it into a sqribl for embedding what you have learned. In the technique of written drawing, which lies under Sqribox, all representation systems are used. So whether you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic (or a combination as is usually the case); you always connect to this when using Sqribox. This makes the anchoring a lot deeper than without the use of Sqribox.

No, unfortunately. The Basic Training really focuses on using it for yourself. You will learn the fundamentals of Sqribox. You know what theory lies underneath it and you know how to make a sqribl yourself. When you are able to come up with the right text (affirmation, conviction, intention), you can then get to work for yourself. However, as a professional, more is asked of you. The Practitioner training has been developed for this purpose. This one deals with issues that come up when you guide other people. In addition to the fact that you will receive much more theoretical background information, you will be provided with a variety of additional resources and tools. This allows you to optimally tailor to your customer and use Sqribox in a very diverse way. In short, where the Basic Training is mainly made to get started with Sqribox yourself, the Practitioner focuses on the depth that is required of you as a professional.

Are you already sure that you want to do the Practitioner? Then sign up for Sqribox 4 Professionals. This is a total package that includes the Basic Training, the Practitioner Training, the Professional Toolbox and the license for the first year. And if you order this all at once, you will be a lot cheaper than if you order this separately.

Yes, you certainly can! After the Basic training it is possible to do the Practitioner training. You can then achieve even more depth for yourself or use Sqribox professionally as a coach, trainer or therapist. In addition, you will receive an extensive professional toolbox with a variety of additional materials and tools. Do you want to know what is covered in the Practitioner training? Download the flyer here.

Different people make their own drawings for the sqribl. They use the templates much less. In order to make the training as advantageous and accessible as possible for everyone, it has been decided not to include the templates in the price of the training. This way, you only pay for the templates you actually use. The templates are custom made for Sqribox and cost only € 2,= excl. VAT per piece and after purchase you can use it as many times as you want. Do you want to make unlimited use of all templates for free? In the Practitioner training you get access to even more templates, free of charge and in two different formats. In the Sqribox 4 Professionals training, everything is combined for even more possibilities.

The answer to this question is still in progress

With the Basic Training you can use the online Q&A sessions for a year. These take place every two months via Zoom. At the start of the training you will receive the dates, times and the zoom link. In addition, you will receive a reminder on the day of the Q&A, so you never have to look for the right link. You don’t have to sign up for anything, but can just click on the link to join. Also nice to hear the experiences of others and get in touch with other users. The Q&A is guided by a professional Sqribox trainer who will help you on your way. So put them in your diary right away.