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I remember sitting with my publisher in 2016 and they indicated that I had material in my hands that was ideal and super valuable for coaches and therapists. I had no idea what she was talking about…

Desire and motivation: my personal story

In the meantime, I know exactly what she meant and the passion for Sqribox is so great that in 2020 I decided to stop a well-running company to focus on this. Why?

During one of my trainings, an exercise emerged in which we were led meditation to the moment in your early childhood when you were completely free and uninhibited. Without all those survival mechanisms: completely pure you.

The stories of the fellow students were amazing and moving. And my grief grew: because I couldn’t find that moment. But I longed for it.

Now I was born into a family where the eldest son died at the age of 4. My mother had trouble getting pregnant and there were several miscarriages between my brother and me. And then I came….

Uninhibited? I didn’t know that. And perhaps that is why the desire for it is greater. Beyond that, it has given me very powerful tools. For example, I can deal with grief and grief: my natural habitat. And in addition, it has laid the foundation for the passion for Sqribox.

I want everyone to get closer to his or her own core and closer to that free and uninhibited ‘child’. And let Sqribox be able to help with that!

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This went a long way and more and more pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place over the years. You can read more about that below.

My first development: the rational

After my studies in Personnel & Labour and Policy & Organization Sciences, I started working in Human Resources (HR). At a young age, just 6 months from university, I ended up in a leadership position, not knowing what it all meant. The journey of personal development started with this for me.

In 2001 I started working as an independent entrepreneur. A decision that required a feat of personal leadership; This meant that I had to go far beyond my comfort zone. It soon became clear that organizational development in particular attracted me, which made me decide to follow the MBA program at Henley Management School to broaden my view beyond HR.

Getting to know my intuition

With the arrival of my children, the world opened up for me. My eldest managed to drop the penny with me at the age of 5, so I started to see what was needed to actually get through to people. A piece of intuition and emotional growth could be developed. The training to become a lightworker in combination with personal coaching brought this addition.

As I learned to find the balance between reason, emotion, and intuition, I found myself increasingly confronted in organizations with requests for programs that I saw didn’t solve the core of the problem in the organization. With that, a desire was born to change course and see how I could guide organizations and individuals to uncover and solve these, often invisible dynamics.

Humance and leadership

The System Coach training gave me a tool to achieve this. Through systemic work (including constellations) it was possible to uncover unerringly subversive patterns. In addition, it provided insight into how they could be broken and solved.

With this I entered the field of (personal) leadership. It was about more than just a situation, problem or challenge.

This laid the foundation to continuously develop myself in aspects of leadership and to incorporate this into my programs and trajectories. It also earned my company a new name: Humance.

A new hobby

Meanwhile, writing Mandala had come my way. A new hobby that I could completely put my eggs in. Not only that, it also turned out to help enormously in my own development process.

I didn’t know how it worked and what it did, but in the meantime I had learned to trust my intuition and use it if I thought I would benefit from it. And that was in more situations than I thought. How about the following situations:

  • for relaxation;
  • Mindfulness;
  • get changes to my system;
  • bereavement and trauma processing,
  • making unique and personal gifts.

A world opened up.

At the same time, the scientist in me became more and more curious.

In the meantime, I wanted to know what was happening now. How it worked. So I set out to investigate. This laid the foundation for Sqribox.

In hindsight, of course, because at that moment it was purely a passion and curiosity that drove me

Two colliding worlds

In the meantime, I was busy with Humance in various projects and assignments. One thing was central to this: change.

And one frustration also came back continuously: how difficult it turned out to really let change hang. Not only with me, but also with companies.

In the meantime, I saw that the Sqribox technique could work great here, but the way I worked with it for myself did not match companies.

A new challenge had arisen: how could I develop such a tool so that it would fit in with this corporate world.

With this, two worlds, which previously seemed incompatible, finally came together. The result can be found in Sqribox. In the history you will find this development even further elaborated.

Get to know both Sqribox and Daniëlle in the Tasting in person!