A Practice Case

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Sqribox works for young and old. I can best illustrate this with my daughter’s case.

I am extremely grateful to be able to share her story with you here.

It is a very personal story and immediately illustrates the power of Sqribox.

When I was introduced to the underlying technology of Sqribox at the end of 2013, my daughter was 6 years old. She was in grade 3 and would turn 7 in January. So she was just learning to write and she found my new hobby mighty interesting. That’s what she wanted to do! And at her children’s party (see also the History So you could say she was brought up with it. Even when my books were launched at the end of 2016, she was my biggest ambassador. At that time she was in grade 6 and based on the workbook, her entire class started working on it. In 2020, she ran into a concrete problem. This case describes how Sqribox helped her.

Renske made short work of her fear of loss and death…

In the course of 2019 and 2020, Renske came to me a number of times that she became increasingly afraid of horses. Strange, because she had always loved horses.

Where it came from, we didn’t get the finger on that. In March 2020, she suffered so much from it that she actively wanted to do something about it.

She then went to a therapist and horse coach. From this session it soon became clear that underneath her fear of horses lay a fear of loss and death. The session helped her separate the fear of horses and the underlying fear. With that, her fear of horses was immediately solved!

The underlying fear was on the surface, but it was not yet gone. Although she was only 13 at the time, she was realistic enough to understand that she couldn’t avoid losing. Grandpa was already old, he was going to die one day and she also understood that we as parents would probably die sooner than she did.

… and used Sqribox to embrace her joie de vivre again

She didn’t want to shy away from the loss, but she didn’t want to let it define her life anymore. She wanted to fully enjoy life again. If you know that this fear of loss was caused by seeing about 9-10 people drop out between the ages of 5/6 and 11, then you understand that it needed something more than just a wish.

She realized that too and she decided that she wanted to write a sqribl with this. She had the text partly ready: ‘I’m alive….’. But that wasn’t complete.

Brainstorming on the way back home, the phrase ‘I live life to the fullest’ came up. In the month that followed, she repeatedly wrote this phrase in a sqribl. The picture was immediately clear: that had to be a horse.

In this way, the horse once again became a symbol of pleasure and joie de vivre and she found a way to give her fear a place and regain control over her life.